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Cache Drive is unmountable?

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Good Morning,


I had some issues a few days ago and had to do a hard reset of my unraid pc. Spent all night doing the parity check and when I woke up it finished the parity check but then didnt start the array, so I started it again but then it wanted to do an entire other parity check. I stopped it because it was a waste of uses on the drive (and i didnt really feel like waiting 12 hours again). The array then started but I am now getting this error: "unmountable: no file system" which is not true there 100% is a file system on there so I don't really know what happened or how to get my cache drive to mount again. This has happened once already and I formatted the drive and moved everything back over and thought it was working for a while but then this returned. I'd format it again but I don't think that is the problem.


Thanks for any help you can provide.


This diagnostic is without any dockers/vms running. If you think that would be helpful I can provide those as well, but thought this would be more concise without them since the issue is happening before docker/vms start.


e: Tried formatting the cache drive and think I found the issue but I'm not sure how to solve it quite yet. Here is the Log:

Jun  6 10:25:00 Tower  emhttpd: shcmd (373): mount -t btrfs -o noatime,space_cache=v2,discard=async -U 081bc21f-e9a3-4e24-91cd-961901efaaa1 /mnt/cache
Jun  6 10:25:00 Tower root: mount: /mnt/cache: /dev/sdb1 already mounted or mount point busy.
Jun  6 10:25:00 Tower root:        dmesg(1) may have more information after failed mount system call.
Jun  6 10:25:00 Tower  emhttpd: shcmd (373): exit status: 32
Jun  6 10:25:00 Tower  emhttpd: /mnt/cache mount error: No file system
Jun  6 10:25:00 Tower  emhttpd: shcmd (374): umount /mnt/cache
Jun  6 10:25:00 Tower root: umount: /mnt/cache: target is busy.
Jun  6 10:25:00 Tower  emhttpd: shcmd (374): exit status: 32
Jun  6 10:25:00 Tower  emhttpd: shcmd (375): rmdir /mnt/cache
Jun  6 10:25:00 Tower root: rmdir: failed to remove '/mnt/cache': Device or resource busy

So obviously the second ssd in the pool was having issues so I removed it and reformatting the cache drive, but not sure why this happened or how to prevent it in the future. The second ssd passed SMART. Hopefully something I'm doing wrong is obvious.

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