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Random UDMA CRC Errors

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Over the last few weeks I've been getting random UDMA CRC errors.  I've re-seated and then replaced all the cables.  It occurs on random drives, first it was Drive 6 and Drive 9, now it's Drive 3 and Drive 4.  I'm using an LSI00244 9201-16i HBA and mini-sas to SATA cables.  When the errors occur on 2 drives at once they're not even on the same mini-SAS to SATA cable. 

My last idea was to put a 120mm fan directly pointed at the HBA card in case it was overheating, and that has not solved it.

I'm at a loss for what this could be.  I guess it could be the HBA card?  I've only had it for two years and it has worked perfectly until just a few weeks ago.



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