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Moving disks to new server

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Just move your old unraid flash drive and the hard disks to the new server and boot.

Unraid should warn you of any missing disk and the serial number of the disk that is missing.



The only problem you could have is if you somehow accidentally assign the parity disk as a data drive. this would only be an issue if you were starting over with a new flash drive or lost your config files.


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I am migrating to a new server.


Do i need to make sure that the disks stay with the same ports




sda (old server) move to sda (new server)

sdb (old server) move to sdb (new server)


Another 'NO' here.  The sdx designations can even change between boots without any hardware changes, so they are not at all important.  However, you will need to get the drive assignments correct - physical drive/port to diskx setting.


If you were to upgrade to current beta before you migrate, then, provided your configuration files are intact, you wouldn't have to worry about any assignment - unRAID would sort it all out for you.

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