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OpenRemote - Install with UnRaid?


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I'm experimenting with OpenRemote, an open source project that allows you to design custom screens for your iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android, etc. which can control home automation devices like Home Theater, security, lighting systems, etc. through HTTP, Serial, or IR via an IP to IR interface such as Global Cache iTach. I'm currently using iRule, which works similarly, but doesn't support Android, and will never support web browsers. Web browser support is important to me. I'm typing on a web browser right now, and it would be far more convenient for me to simply click on a new tab than to dig my iPhone out of my pocket.


Anyway, the central command portion of OpenRemote runs on an Apache server using Java 6. It seems to use very few resources and might be a perfect candidate to run on my always-running unRaid server. Has anyone considered this?

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