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Advise on best backup solution

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Hi all.
Not sure if this is the correct place to post.


Edit: Found out my parents have upgraded their internet and so I can backup there
So remove all the information from below and my question now becomes

How best to backup unraid to a different site PC
The issue I seem to be running into is "backup" vs "clone"


I can just run rsync to a second unraid box and have two in sync.
But I would miss out on data protection
EG deleted files, or file history

What im after is something more along the lines of crashplan / backblaze where it has version history
But without having to run custom scripts and mess around with too much "config"
EG a nice qui to just say copy this folder to this server

Original post:

I used to run windows as my home NAS, and had backblaze home as my backup solution.
This worked great.
Iv since moved to unraid, and put the backblaze docker on top to continue backing up
But iv noticed the performance isnt what it used to be
I have a few VM's which get backed up pretty regularly to my NAS via Veeam.
and my CCTV footage also uploads to my NAS to then be backed up to cloud
Meaning I have a fair bit of daily data rotating though.

Iv noticed that backblaze is strugling to keep up
I dont even have my CCTV folder int he backup list yet, and its still running behind never actually fully backing up
Where as on my old windows box it would run just fine.

Im putting it down to the virtualisation layer of docker, and wine slowing the performance down.

So im lookig for the best way to backup my data.
I could push to S3 or something like that, but then id have to have some sort of file management system to expire out old files, deal with versioning, etc.
(and id have to calulate cost into that)

Iv looked at carbonite, but they dont have a good plan to fit

Also looked at crashplan and it seems ok (although slightly more expensive then Backblaze)
and im worried about the performance again if I swap over.

What is the "go to" method to backup your unraid to cloud / offsite
Im ideally looking for a set and forget.
cheap (ish)
unlimited or a good quota (due to the amount im backing up)
and fast (Based in NZ so internet isnt the best if going to US / europe for EG)

And yes iv considered putting a second NAS at my parents home and backing up there,
and if thats the best option ill go down that path
Just requires buying a second round of hardware to host it
and finding the software to do proper backup, not just replication
(EG file deletion, history, etc)
(and the amount of data i push though i dont know if their cheap internet would handle it)

Thanks in advance for any input

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