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Upgrading to New Server w/o Shutting down old server

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I have an Unraid Plus License on existing server.  I want to move this license to a new server but without shutting down the old one until I am ready for the cutover.   Can I use a limited trial license and then convert my existing license over ?


Thanks for you help.

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Remember that the license is tied to the GUID of the flash drive.  When you are ready, you will copy the contents of the Trial drive to the older Plus flash drive (the  "config" folder is really the most important thing, assuming both systems are running the same Unraid version), then put the "Plus.key" file from the old drive into the newly copied "config" folder.  Then you use this "old" drive in the new server.


I highly recommend you make a copy of both flash drives first, less you make an error when copying one thing to another.  Saves a bunch of grief when that happens.

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