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Wireguard Remote access to LAN partially broken, on multiple routers

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I am truly stumped on this one.  I have had a functioning Remote access to LAN running for over a year until changing my ISP (comcast -> Centurylink GPON Fiber) after changing I no longer could access all of the devices on my LAN I wanted to including a Ubuntu server.  Some Devices respond to pings, some do not; and even more strange the list of devices is not set in stone.  I haven't changed the settings within the wireguard clients nor in unRAID itself.  I previously had a static route configured with my previous router, and had resetup that same static route in my new router, when this didn't work I actually switched out for another router entirely ( a cradlepoint AER2100) and configured a static route for that one too (my previous comcast setup is broken) I can ping some devices one the lan (the two that always are available are the default LAN gateway [either c4000z or the AER2100] and the unRAID host.  I cannot resolve most of the other hosts on my network from a remote wireguard client.


What am I doing wrong?  let me know what I can include to better help troubleshoot this issue.

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