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Asrock N100M - Only two PCI Lanes

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Hi Guys,


i'm currently planning a new NAS build and think about using the new Asrock N100M as a Mainboard / CPU Combo. 

My Corsair RM550x (yes, the 2021 one :-)) is on my way and will hopefully arrive in the next days and the Mainboard is now relased and in stock in the webshops of some dealers.


The x16 pci is only available with two lanes. The Board only has two Ports so my idea was to extend the SATA Ports with an expansion card.


And now i'm wondering if that could work?

Does anyone having experience with a at least 4xSATA or better HBA Card which can work with only two lanes? Performace is not that important. The NAS will be used only for home usage without high performace requirements but of course all SATA drives attached to the card should be fully functional and not a huge bootleneck if for example a parity check is made.


Thanks in advance


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I was looking at that exact same board and considering the PSU and a Sata PCIe card aswell. Did you ever go for it? And what sort of power consumption are you seeing?


Not really sure how worth it it is for me since an old i5-3570k with the array spun down but Home Assistant and Plex running only consumes 25w. 

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