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Unraid server hangs in a strange way after approx 12 hours

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I recently installed Unraid on my server on a moving visit. It seemed to be initally successful and as I was only on a short visit home (Server runs in my family home) I installed Tailscale and clouflared to set up remotely.

I have since also installed more contianers (including media containers) and a VM.

However after 12 hours the server hangs in a wierd way;

I can get to the login screen and enter details there but then any futher pages load forever.

Any Docker containers or the VM that are running stay running and working absolutely fine but if they are restarted they dont come back

I can SSH onto the server (after waiting a long while to connect) but most commands never return a result, they just get stuck forever.

One of the commands I can run is shutdown/poweroff/etc. and they tell me the server is restarting but nothing happens.

I cant manually stop the array if that would help as I would lose access via both & Tailscale/Cloudflared

Currently I have to wait until someone is home to reset the server manually and get them to restart the array but its not feasible when Im trying to restore the server to the state it was in before. I purposefully moved the server to Unraid as I have one in my flat that was way more reliable than proxmox so I wanted to switch things over, but this is cauing me a lot of headaches.

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