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Samsung F4 $63.74 @ Superbiiz


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Samsung F4, $74.99 - $11.25 (with coupon code "DEALMONGO") plus free shipping = $63.74




UPDATE:  Superorb is right.  IF the drives aren't already up-to-date, DO flash them with the new firmware before use.  I'm currently using two in my array with zero problems.


To save you the search effort, the JP1 firmware can be had here: http://www.samsung.com/global/business/hdd/faqView.do?b2b_bbs_msg_id=387


UPDATE:  Company emailed me- stating the drive was out-of-stock and offered to sell a Seagate drive for the same price.  I don't trust Seagates, so NO-SALE.

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Even newly manufactured drives (since the release of the JP1 firmware) need to be flashed?




Yes, because even the supposedly fixed drives have the same FW as the faulty drives. I'd rather not leave it up to chance, and the JP1 FW is the same fix but has an updated version.

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