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  1. johnny121b

    [Plugin] Ransomware Protection - Deprecated

    Your tone implies this is a relatively straighforward step, but the thought of a hiccup leaving me with 700,000+ files to delete, strewn across hundreds of folders....is pretty intimidating. Any suggestions to help ensure this doesn't happen? Or some syntax to leisurely recover, if it does?
  2. johnny121b

    The author of Slackware: hanging on by a thread?

    I dunno how big the UnRAID market really is, but I doubt L/T is rolling in cash. I figure the user base here can probably make a bigger difference than L/T. I do know Slackware/UnRAID has been a significant part of my hobby life over these last several years. The notion [that he's received nothing directly for the benefits I've enjoyed] didn't seem right...so I wanted to do something beyond just money from one guy. Together, we could make a difference.
  3. I thought some of you might be interested to know- the author of Slackware is in a bad financial situation. It's my understanding Slackware is the basis for UnRAID, one of the oldest maintained Linux distros, and apparently is almost a 1-man-operation. I've supported UnRAID by buying extra licenses in the past, and I think the author of its underpinnings should probably also be worthy of our gratitude as well. I have no connection with him in any way, and if this is inappropriate somehow, I won't be offended if my post is removed, but I think this is worth putting in front of everyone here. Forum discussion that introduced the issue to me. TLDR- see pages 1, 11, 31 (as of this writing) Another mention on distrowatch
  4. johnny121b

    [Plugin] Ransomware Protection - Deprecated

    I AM probably the biggest risk on my network, but it isn't realistic to expect everyone in my house to live in a bubble. I DO protect my data with backups, but restoring a large system would be a major task- a threat in-and-of-itself. I'm not going to go nuts trying to lock down tablets and laptops, forbid PLEX, cripple my system's usability, and generally quadruple my workload while annoying everyone in the house (including myself), all for a dubious gain. All-the-while, I have a server sitting there, 95% idle, that could be keeping a watchful eye on things, that isn't subject to the latest Windoze update, that isn't having things installed on it daily, that isn't surfing the internet, that has nothing more to do..... I don't begrudge Squid for his choice, but that does not make offloading diligence to an 8-year old or a housewife....a better one. At the moment, this doesn't even affect me. I'm stuck on 6.5.3 because of other issues. I just pursued the point because I wanted to see IF there was something I wasn't aware of....as hinted by one of Squid's comments above.
  5. johnny121b

    [Plugin] Ransomware Protection - Deprecated

    Mmmmm....yeah. That's not realistic....and not a better solution. Malware is by-definition, proactive. It's no longer enough to be suspicious of Nigerian Prince emails. Bad things can arrive via ads- that you don't even click on, via a webpage or popup....all without user interaction. You can do everything right...and still become a victim. Anyways...really sad to see it fall by the wayside after having its functionality torpedoed by UnRAID's advancement. Thanks for the work you did on it all-the-same.
  6. johnny121b

    [Plugin] Ransomware Protection - Deprecated

    Can you elaborate on "a more pro-active system"? While I was never a fan of the gigantic number of bait files, I certainly see advantage in relying on a system whose O/S is isolated from the rest of my network. Otherwise, my server's overall safety is determined by the least secure machine (and user) in my house.
  7. johnny121b

    unRAID OS version 6.5.3 available

    I don't have any directly helpful advice, although I can confirm your problem, AND I can tell you that it has nothing to do with plugins/add-ons. I had the same issue when attempting to go from 6.3.5 to 6.5.3, and I was using a freshly formatted (licensed) flash drive. Mine consistently stopped at the point shown below. So don't rip your system/configuration apart in the mistaken belief it's your specific combination of plugins/dockers/add-ons. It happens even with an empty flash drive. I had a brief exchange with Eric at L/T and there was another user who had the same issue. This user later reported he'd corrected his problem by relocating a Seagate Constellation drive to his motherboard SATA instead of his server's controller cards. Eric was also concerned it might be my IPMI card. Ultimately I abandoned the attempt to go further with my server hardware. I don't have any Seagate Constellation drives, and my server is headless, so axing my IPMI is not an option. At this point, I'm just hoping the problem will be fixed (intentionally or accidentally) in a future revision....otherwise I'm stalling at 6.3.5 for the time being.
  8. Thanks, johnnie.black! I'll give that a try this evening. J
  9. I have a second, licensed USB drive, and I would like to Shut down my running 6.3.5 server Copy my flash drive config to my second (freshly formatted 6.5.3) flash drive Swap the two flash drives Start up my (now) 6.5.3 server IS it as-simple-as copying my config folder from my existing flash drive to my new flash drive and starting from it?
  10. johnny121b

    Super Confusing USB issue

    bonienl is correct. I have seen Linux can start up consistently ordering USB ports (and network ports for that matter) 99% of the time, and then one day, it wakes up and decides to shuffle ports- for no discernible reason. It can be maddening. (Not actually speaking of Slackware- but I've experienced it in my work environment)
  11. I have a white-label drive I'm thinking of adding into my system as second parity. (I can't bring myself to trust the drive despite its passing a preclear.) My question: If one parity drives fails, is the array left unprotected OR does my level of protection decrease to allow for only one drive failure?
  12. johnny121b

    Upgrading from 6.3.5 to 6.5 issues

    Well that's a bit of bad news. Those controllers are Pci-X, so you're really saying- 'replace your entire server'
  13. johnny121b

    [Support] binhex - Plex

    At my age, my head doesn't wrap around abstraction as well as it once did. Hard to believe I could once write code in assembly. Adding to BinHex's response, here's a shot of an example show in Sonarr. If you're like me, you're overthinking the paths. Even now, i look at BinHex's reply, and I struggle with the logic in USING abstract paths- IF everything has to be the same anyways. I -SO- want to specify absolutes....complete absolutes...from every application. But times change, and we all have to adapt. I blurred out some details on the page, but I think you'll get the idea. (I was once scolded for including too much detail, but now I only record public domain shows.) The second shot, is the path configuration for NZBGet. Its paths are unchanged from the docker defaults. Not sure if this all helps, but hopefully it might.
  14. johnny121b

    [Support] binhex - Plex

    I'll take some screenshots later today. I'm about to head to work. I understand your frustration. The added layer of abstraction when dealing with dockers absolutely drove me crazy.. so-much-so, that when I finally got it running, I squirreled away screenshots of everything- because despite the fact that I had it running, I still didn't fully UNDERSTAND why it worked..so I knew I couldn't fix it when it broke. (unfortunately for you, I'm not sure where those screenshots are at-the-moment, because it's been so long ago.) What are you working with besides PLEX? NZBGet/Sabnzbd/? Sonarr/Sickbeard/?
  15. johnny121b

    [Support] binhex - Plex

    My movies are largely in a single folder in my 'movie' share. Some of the more important titles merit their own subdirectory (for special features mostly), but 99% of them are tossed into the movie share. My TV shows are in my 'tv' share, but each series [does] have its own subdirectory. I don't do season folders. For me, that just added too much to the path length in the occasional series. (Windows doesn't handle path lengths over 255-characters) When PLEX does its scanning, it doesn't care whether the movie is in \movie or in \movie\Raiders of the Lost Ark.