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How to open SMB shares ONLY as needed

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Currently, my server is set up with most shares set to 'SECURE'.  When I add a movie to my server, I begin the process by launching a batch file that creates the \movie share on my cache drive (if it doesn't already exist), and I copy the movie directly to the cache drive.  The movie then gets moved into the array overnight by the mover script.  This effectively isolates my array's movie files from ME.  I figure IF I were to ever become infected with something nasty, only my cache drive contents could be at-risk.  This works well for single-level shares like \movies or \documentaries or \appz..........but it's just not practical for \TV.........which has countless sub-folders.


I can't think of a way to handle that share with my current method, short of creating ALL my TV shows' folders on the cache drive every time.  That doesn't seem like an elegant want to handle this.  Has anyone else found a better way to handle keeping the server secure during the 99% of the time you're NOT manually copying/renaming/moving/interacting with the shares?   (That doesn't involve manually toggling the shares' security via http interface every time you need access)

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How about mounting a readonly share on your (Windows) PC using Unassigned Devices then copy files to your shares from your Unraid server.  I personally use MC to copy files around.  In this scenario neither computer can mess up the other's files.

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I subscribe to this Method. 



you can protect an entire drive, but can not protect shares. Meaning run it drive by drive not share by share. I’ll post up an example of what I did when I have access to my PC again. I’m mobile right not and can’t see my Screen. 


I more ore or less use User.Scripts that runs monthly and have several lines of this in a bit of code. 


chattr -R +i /mnt/disk1

chattr -R +i /mnt/disk2


To reverse you use the -I


I do not use this on my Cache drive so I can write and delete multiple items all I want and I also have the mover setup to move every two weeks so I have plenty of time to do what I need to all my files before they are on the Array and get locked down. 

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