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  1. I believe @Kopernikus question segways into mine. I'm currently using HAProxy and am looking to switch to NPM. However, is it possible to do a wildcard http to https redirect? Thanks! ~Spritz
  2. Any reason why you're using /mnt/cache/appdata vs /mnt/user/appdata? I was under the impression that /mnt/user was preferred? ~Spritz
  3. haha, this bug of yours may actually be a "fix" for what I'm trying to do, namely have it rescan my library and create add a 2-channel sound track to most items. It won't catch everything, but should catch most. ~Spritz
  4. This may be a stupid question, and it is a question that is born from my own stupidity. Initially when I set UnManic, I thought I had set it so that it would create a stereo stream (without modifying the original stream), however that doesn't appear the case and I've now converted all 70+TB of TV. Is it possible to set unmanic to rescan the library and just do the audio portion? Thanks in advance for any help! ~Spritz
  5. Apologies for raising a thread from the dead, but I've finally got around attempting to implement this, albeit slightly different. I'm looking to have my VM's on their own bridge, but I lose connectivity to containers running on the host (though not the host itself). I've tried the suggestions you made in this thread @bonienl, but nothing worked. So either I need to keep everything on the same bridge (which is not my preference), or using VLAN's for my VM's. ~Spritz
  6. I'm excited to upgrade, great work guys! Just a quick question (and I read the release notes), but is their any major changes to networking functionality? Specifically communication between bridges and/or a method to set a default bridge for docker containers (similar to what exists for VM's) Thanks again for all the hard work everyone!! ~Spritz
  7. Morning All, Long story short, I want to have my VM's on a dedicated bridge, and then unraid/containers on their own separate bridge. I created the bridge's without issue, assigning an IP to the unraid bridge and no ip to the VM bridge. However my VM on the VM bridge is unable to view the webui of the containers on the server (though it can view the unraid UI just fine). Any thoughts or guidance? Thanks in advance! ~Spritz
  8. Good Morning, I have what I hope are two fairly simple questions. I current have a quad port i350 installed on the server, plus the two onboard i211. I'd like to pass two of the ports through to individual VM's (idealy the I211's), however all the ports are in the same IOMMU group (along with other things). Is their a way to do this, or is the solution to use ACS Override (which I'm worried about stability). The second is cleaning up the VM templates. And I apologize, as this may be a stupid question, but I'm passing through a USB hub, so I don't see the need to have a "virtual" one. Further, I really don't need the virtual keyboard and mouse. Any tips or guidance would be appreciated! ~Spritz
  9. Thank you @mkfelidae, that did it! Also, was I correct about the typo? Thanks! ~Spritz
  10. Thanks for this guide @mkfelidae, it's appreciated! I thought I had tweaked my VM's for ultimate performance, but your guide allowed me to eek out a bit more performance! I just have 2 comments / questions. The first is that you have a typo in your guide. For numatune, the proper format (I believe) is --> <numatune> <memory mode='strict' nodeset='0'/> </numatune> So single vs double quotes. The other thing is a question. How do I know that the numatune settings are being applied correctly? Thanks again! ~Spritz
  11. I'll caveat this post by saying that I've had a few interactions with @limetech over the last 10+ years, and he's always been kind, gracious and understanding. The kind of guy you would enjoy going for a drink with and shooting the shit. That said, @limetech you've now made two missteps in your posts in the last week. It may be a consideration to either a) have a third party review your posts prior to posting (at least the non-technical ones) or b) get a community manager. This isn't a criticism, but rather an obervation. I sincerely believe you when you say that you meant no disrespect with your posts, but something is getting lost in translation. Your expertise is creating this awesome OS. Get someone whose expertise is being the conduit for this awesome community. ~Spritz
  12. I'm not sure what you mean by modify the template, but I will say that every time I update the container, those mappings come back... even after I've deleted them. It's irritating, because then those shares are created, and it appears that it's only this container that does it. ~Spritz
  13. Minor complaint, but how do I stop it from auto creating the Media directory in my user share? Everytime I delete it, it comes back. Thanks! ~Spritz
  14. @limetech reached out to me and cleared everything up. It was just a miscommunication, but I'm all good now and back up and running. Thanks guys, as always, great customer service! ~Spritz
  15. Well I ended up buying myself a new key, as it's been radio silence from @limetech. I suspect that something out of the ordinary happened, since in nearly the decade I've been using unRaid, they've always been very responsive. Even last week Jon was getting back to me within 30 minutes, I just couldn't line up a time to get the new key setup. I hope everyone is all good ~Spritz