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  1. eschultz

    Unraid slow VM boot times

    Oddly I only have one numa node:
  2. eschultz

    Unraid slow VM boot times

    I'm a little behind and still running on BIOS 7B09v1B (08/14/2018) - AGESA Code Should be the same version as your motherboard now it seems.
  3. eschultz

    Unraid slow VM boot times

    I used to have slow boot issues a while ago before I updated the BIOS on my MSI X399 gaming pro carbon ac motherboard. Those AGESA versions make all the difference. Which motherboard are you using?
  4. eschultz

    Fatal bonding error

    Sounds like you have a old version of Unraid, or at least the bzroot file is out of date. I would try to re-create your USB flash drive or at least overwrite all the bz* files from a freshly downloaded zip file.
  5. There are at least 3 other Unraid users using that ASRock Fatal1ty z97 Killer motherboard. I cannot tell if they were running VMs but two of them had multiple video cards so I can only imagine they were for VMs.
  6. eschultz

    What font is used by unraid?

    It was a custom created logo/font
  7. eschultz

    Pfsense onboard nic

    A trial license requires internet access to start the array whereas a paid license does not.
  8. This issue should be fixed now. Please retest.
  9. Please try updating your BIOS to 4.80 and seeing if that helps: https://www.asrock.com/mb/AMD/X370 Taichi/index.asp#BIOS
  10. eschultz

    unRAID DVB Edition

    You may want to skip 6.6.4 and go right to 6.6.5 since cron wasn't working in 6.6.4.
  11. If you want your settings to persist across reboots you'll need to copy /etc/ssh/sshd_config to /boot/config/ssh/sshd_config
  12. eschultz

    [6.6.4] No cron job running during the night

    Unraid 6.6.5 should fix this issue:
  13. eschultz

    [support] limetech's docker repository

    Latest version of Plex ( docker was just pushed live
  14. eschultz

    VM restart causes Nvidia code 43

    That was a issue in 6.6.2 but should have been fixed in 6.6.3. Is that still broken for you?
  15. eschultz

    6.6.3 - Ongoing SFTP issues

    Thanks for testing. It sounds like our version of OpenSSH 7.7 with the HPN patches are causing issues for certain users/apps. We'll most likely upgrade OpenSSL and OpenSSH to the latest in the next release.