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  1. Changed Status to Retest Changed Version to 6.9.0-rc2
  2. Changing the hosts file on the Unraid machine won't do anything... you would need to change the hosts file on the machine you're using to browse the Unraid UI. Also, I would completely close your web browser after that to clear any dns caching it might store.
  3. On the flash drive, under the 'config' folder you'll need to edit the 'go' file in there.
  4. @BasDL Are you still having issues with the webgui connecting to the internet? Which proxy server software are you using?
  5. Thanks for reporting this Steve. I've improved the VMs page to now include the PCI ID, when the name would otherwise be ambiguous, next to the assigned graphics cards. It'll be included in the next 6.9.0 beta release.
  6. The SMBus most likely is the culprit and has a driver assigned, preventing you from passing through the audio controller (both in the IOMMU group 9). To get around this, you'll need to prevent Unraid from assigning the SMBus driver upon boot by adding "modprobe.blacklist=i2c_i801,i2c_smbus" to your Syslinux configuration append line. Just navigate to this page: https://cronos/Main/Flash?name=flash And modify the green block's append line: Then hit Apply and reboot the Unraid server. Your Windows VM should be able to start after that.
  7. If you're using just HTTP (and not HTTPS) then adding 'Secure' to the cookie will just prevent it from sending over HTTP. What I think you really need, when your using just HTTP, is: SameSite=Lax You can test this temporarily by running this command in your Unraid terminal: sed -i 's/samesite=strict/samesite=lax/g' /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix/include/local_prepend.php and then Logout and Log back in to the Unraid web UI to refresh the cookie with the new samesite=lax settings.
  8. rename the .raw file to .img and that should work to pick for a VM disk
  9. Are there hidden files or folders that live on the Synology share? I think macOS will update a separate hidden file to hold that metadata if it can't add xattr on the file directly. (I don't have a Synology box here unfortunately)
  10. When I add macOS "labels/tags" on a file or directory from a Unraid share via samba protocol it adds EA data: root@Tower:/mnt/user/testshare# getfattr test_folder/ # file: test_folder/ user.DOSATTRIB$DATA Additionally, 'getfattr' will show the values, along with the keys above, with the -d argument. I did another test involving a cache pool setup: Created another share named 'cache-first' with Cache mode set to 'only.' Browsed to the 'cache-first' share from a mac, created a new folder, and then applied macOS "tags" to it. Verified those EAs were present using 'getfattr folder-name'. Change 'cache-first' Share's Cache mode to 'yes'. Run the mover Verified 'cache-first' share exists on the array now, and the EAs are still present. My mac again shows the correct "tags" I added previously. I can also copy/move files or folders between my mac and Unraid, in either direction, and the "tags" persist. macOS version 10.14.6 Unraid version 6.8.3 Two BTRFS formatted SSDs in my Cache Pool Array disks all XFS-luks If you're working from a terminal, using 'cp,' 'rsync,' or 'scp' for example, ensure you provide any arguments you may need to preserve xattr.
  11. Maybe a index rebuild will help that but it'll take about an hour to run... ***EDIT*** Index rebuild completed, any activity missing from the last couple days should be restored now.
  12. Which motherboard or add-on card are you using that has thunderbolt?
  13. eschultz

    noVNC errors

    Which web browser are you using?
  14. We have backup script execute at that time which causes timeouts / 502 errors for a minute or two. I'll try to optimize the backup scripts to lessen the impact.
  15. A new build is ready for internal testing but I haven't upgraded to Catalina yet. Could someone please test it out?: