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  1. All of a sudden my mouse don't work anymore through in the VNC/browser. I can use the keyboard, but mouse don't work (I can see the curser) It works perfect in my Windows VM. Any ideas?
  2. Hello Schultz, and thanks for the reply. Ive tried to copy a file on my unraid with cp -a --preserve=xattr source destination - but the tags will still be stripped. Do I need to install anything specific to make this work?
  3. Hi all, Im about to migrate all my work to a brand new Unraid setup, coming from Synology. The thing holding my back is that whenever I copy or move a file around my server with a Mac OSX tag ("label") it gets stripped. I've also tried to copy tagged files through NFS and SMB from my Synology and Mac - all files gets stripped of their tags. Seems like I can maintain the tags if I just leave them on the share on Unraid - but im guessing I will run into trouble when using cache drives, and im loosing the flexibility to move things around with Krusader and stuff. Does this anything to do with missing xattr? Are there any ways to get around this?
  4. https://github.com/SpaceinvaderOne/Macinabox/issues/12
  5. I just tried mounting the share on the Synology through SMB - same problem, everything is exposed to guests on the network, when browsing the Unraid-server.
  6. Hi there, Been searching all over the place for this issue, but can't find an answer. On Unraid I added a few Remote NFS Shares from my Synology. I give access to this through my Synology by squash root to admin. Everything works great. The problem is that when im browsing my Unraid-server from my Mac, I can see all those shares - even guests on my network have read/write access to them. How can I turn this off? I don't won't those shares to be exposed through SMB on the Unraid-server.