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  1. i´ve read something about Docker Network, and its not possible that Docker can handle more than one Gateway i´ve setup a new Ubuntu Server VM with Portainer, and passthrough a Network Card now
  2. Is it possible to use 2 networks correctly with Unraid? Have 2 network cards onboard with fixed IP addresses. VMs and Docker containers are to run via network br0 with port forwarding Over the second network br1 other Docker containers are to run over pfsense (with Openvpn Tunnel) Pfsense runs as a VM on the same Unraid server with its own passthrough network card. Do not get it that both runs at the same time, either one or the other network is running. All connections are connected to the same switch. if the standard
  3. I´ve the same fail with AMD RX 480 + RX 580, but Windows works fine with GPU reset, but no Linux OS like Ubuntu, Arch linux...
  4. I deleted the /boot/config/network.cfg file and rebooted my Server, after reboot i Setup my Network Connections new. Old fail since 6.7.0-rc6
  5. thats it Unraid boot normally now. But My Unraid Server is offline ( 6.7.0-RC8) , if i downgrade my unraid Server back to 6.7.0-RC5 all fine. And i had to reinstall my Plugins because i get many Errors and unassigned devices plugin stuck.
  6. MH before I did the update, everything was still running. do I have to connect the stick to another pc now and save the config? And then reinstall unraid, or is there another solution?
  7. Mhh after update from 6.7.0-RC5 to 6.7.0-RC8 my unraid stuck at reboot.
  8. Hi, A question, It is possible to clone the Dokcker container completely with all settings and changes. Would like to set the consol / ubuntu-xfce container once, so install programs and set browser ... Thanks Chrysen
  9. I have RX 480 Saphire and asus rog rx 580 with this bug....
  10. Try to unplug all other USB Devices except your unraid Stick. that was my fault.
  11. It´s posible to encrypt a Array later. you can use unbalace plugin to copy all data from disk 1 to your other disks, and then encrypt disk 1...
  12. Try different PCI-E Slot, and do you see this Card in unraid device. i must tape pin 5+6 on the front. without the tape the Card wont boot.