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How to break up IOMMU groups

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I am sure I am shooting in the wind but ALL of my usbs are in group 3



I have tried every single usb and all of them keep ending up right back in IOMMU Group 3..... can anything be done?

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One of the ACS override options in vm settings.  If none of them help then nothing you can do unless you can move a controller to a different slot 

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15 hours ago, Squid said:

nothing you can do unless you can move a controller to a different slot

And the different slot may mean in a whole different motherboard. IOMMU groups are dictated by the motherboard design.


That's the primary reason for searching out someone who is currently running what you are trying to achieve, and copying their build exactly.

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@jonathanm @Squid


I used the ACS override in multiple configurations in conjuntion with my Bios xhci settings to try to break the group up and force the USB devices onto another controller with no success.

I wonder, could you flood the controller by attaching external USB hubs abd filling them with random usb components (in this case IOMMU group 3) and cause the mobo to reassign the "over flow" onto another buss?

Just a thought. I am a newb so.

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Doesn't matter how many devices you put onto the controller.  The controller's IOMMU group will not change with your current hardware.

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