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  1. I notice that the forum has some difficulties, I have posted this 2 times, but obviously it was swallowed. VisualC ++ 2010 Redistributable can very well be easily integrated, have often seen it in others and it even integrates itself even in a setup. But now it has solved in other ways, at least the setup starts now and will make a test installation on the weekend. Post can be closed.
  2. habe ich doch geschrieben schon alles gemacht! Es wäre auch einfacher diese notwendigen Dateien zu Integrierern! I already wrote everything written! It would also be easier to integrate these necessary files
  3. WIN 10 Pro x64 "1803" Unraid.USB.Creator.Win32-1.5 Fehler. Ich habe es manuell installiert, aber der Fehler kommt Sie haben die maximale Anzahl "1" von Posts erreicht, die Sie pro Tag erstellen können.