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  1. @bonienlI went a little bit further in that this afternoon. I manually uninstalled the browser and deleted it's data. It worked fr now. But I think it is still a problem and needs a little bit more investigation why this is happening .
  2. @ChatNoirYup I did. It affect the current one by hiding it (as usual), but if I refresh the page, it pops again .
  3. Hello folks! I have an issue quite long time now. Well, since I installed the 6.9.1 release. The problem is that all help banners are displayed on a specific device. Note that I do not click on the help button. It's showing every time I access the Unraid interface. I'm also using the Unraid interface on a macbook pro and a HP laptop but I'm nont facing this issue. I've tried to clear my browsing data (cache, cookies, etc...), disabling all my blocking extensions (brave, ublock, etc...). My browser configuration is almost identique on all my devices (except few
  4. Ohh now I understand ! Pretty cool feature. Welp, that'll help debugging my containers. Thanks mate ✌️. @Squid Is there a wiki page for this ? Didn't see anything about this panel. This could be a useful information to find in the docker container section.
  5. Hello there! Happy new year 😃. I'm here because I have some questions about the panel "Container size" shown by the docker dashboard. I'm at 76% of my docker image and I'm debugging to find which container takes unnecessary space and how I can optimize it or create my own image with a lighter distribution (e.g alpine instead of arch for binhex's images). But when opening the panel, I'm a little bit confused about the column "Writable". I can't find any information about it in the wiki. What does Writable means in this context? And is it linked to the over
  6. Thank you so much ! That's exactly what was wrong apparently. It even fixed another problem that I was trying to fix (my vms with my nvidia gpu gave me black screen w/ a weird manipulation at the boot of unraid). Thank you !
  7. Hello there, I'm fairly new UNRAID. I've setup my server 3 days ago with a windows 10 VM (GPU and CPU passthrough). I'm having issue to passed the built in audio controller provided by my motherboard (motherboard: asus z170 pro g => audio controller: Intel 100 Series/C230 Series Chipset Family HD Audio Controller (00:1f.3)). I'm using the GPU's audio controller (NVIDIA GTX1070) and my internal display audio output to plug my speakers. Problem is, after some time or something describe in this thread: UNRAID post . So I've tried another time to add my intel audio controller to