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MacOS creates bunch of metadata files on nfs share. How to disable it, preferably server side ?

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TLDR: I will move to SMB if no proper solution exists for this and just use samba extra configuration to deal with my problem.

So, I just mounted my NFS share in macOS.
This resulted in maaaany files being created on my shares in this format:


They aren't even hidden files. Which is really not ideal. They don't even begin with '.'
Is there a solution for this horrendous .. default! macos behavior ?
I can do with a client side solution.. but don't really want to :D, these tend super unreliable.

If there is some hidden nfs setting in unraid which prohibits creation of metadata files, I would be pretty pleased to learn about it.

Also I'm aware that something like this can be done in SMB.. But I would like to use NFS if possible. And I kinda don't know of any regex pattern that would be safe 'filename/whatever' But I may migrate to SMB and stop the creation of files that contain '/' and be done with it.

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