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Disk3 filling up every time I rsync but share is set to "most-free" what gives?

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Hi Guys,


I know I'm missing something (er..not the first time)

5 disks (plus boot, cache, parity) which all have around 2TB free if it's all working right.

I have a single share (not secure, but it's just for home) which makes it useful for duplicating onto spare server with rsync.

This share is set to "most-free" and "automatically split any directory as required".

I tried every more strict setting before, so have ended up at "any directory".


It has lots of folders which change at a varying rate, so some get an rsync job every day, others once a week.

One of these fodlers is now bigger than a single disk.


One of the rsync scripts (which runs every day) simply fills up a single disk every time it runs.

So I have to manually run ~"unbalance" to put them on other disks. Every day. Getting bored with it.


One option is to delete everything & start again, pretty sure that shouldn't be necesary, but I'm missing some vital detail...

I've stopped the rsync job for now.


Can anyone suggest an adjustment to my rsync which might resolve this, please?

script is basically just a one-liner:

rsync --progress -r -u  --ignore-existing /mnt/remotes/n1/big-folder/* /mnt/disk3/filestore/big-folder/


After staring at it, I'm thinking "It's not really using the local share, is it?"



Is that the issue?

Can it be adjusted so it uses all the disks?


Thanks in advance.

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