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I need a forward breakout cable!!


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I'm looking to get a mini-sas to sata forward breakout cable!

I'm  0 - 2 so far!  I want to get them from Monoprice  But they are out until



I was hoping to get my hands on one before hand!  Anyone willing to send me one short term?  I can either mail it back

buy you a new one from monoprice when they come back in. 


I could also trade this right angle forward breakout for this cable instead.  It's right angle and it doesn't fit on my SASLP card!  :'(


I also have a reverse breakout cable as well that I'll probably never use.





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Ok. I asked first 'cause I got spares, but I'm in Sydney. That would not work out too well for you. I bought my Supermicro SASLP MV8 controller card with the cables from this ebay store out of California.




The seller did not have the SFF-8087 F Breakout cables listed when I was buying the controller card from him, but he had them in stock and shipped them with the card. He is in San Jose, CA. Maybe you can get your cables from him.



EDIT: I bought my second SAS card from SuperBiizz. They seem to have the cables in stock:



Hope that helps,


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Do you need just one or two?  I've got two spares, and I could probably part with one of them.  However, it is probably a lot simpler for you to just order one of these:


Superbiiz - LSI/3Ware CBL-SFF8087OCF-05M SFF-8087 to Discrete Forward Breakout Cable - $14 shipped


Newegg - 3ware CBL-SFF8087OCF-05M 1 Unit of .5M Multi-lane Internal (SFF-8087) Serial ATA Breakout Cable - $20 shipped - note the 'F' in the model number, which indicates that it is a forward breakout cable.


I would probably ask about $20 after shipping for mine, so you are better off going for either of the above as they'll come with a return policy.  Mine won't.


By the way, the trick for finding for these types of cables is to search the phrase '8087'.  Your results will include all three types of miniSAS cables, so be careful to choose the right ones.  I can vouch for the two above.

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I couldn't see the one at Newegg earlier...  I thought I did the correct search..  Oh well..  You're right I should just spend the extra $$ and either get the SuperBiiz or the Newegg one.  Coincidentally..  I just got an auto notify from mono-price..  I guess they found some since they now have stock of the 1m version..  but they only have 11..


So I either spend $26 from newegg and get it Monday.. or $20 from newegg and get it who knows when..

Or $14 from Superbiiz and get it Probably wednesday or thursday..  or $12 from monoprice and get it who knows when... or $16 from monoprice and get it Tuesday or wednesday!




I want it now dammit!!  My new case is in and my 3TB drive is coming tomorrow... I'm just out of Sata ports until I can get the SASLP fired up! :D


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Well..  My experiment failed...  and succeeded!  Both packages came today!  So now I got two cables fast!  but I spent an extra $3-$4 in shipping to monoprice for the USPS Priority!  Oh well!

Now I know First class USPS works fast (at least over the weekend) coast to coast! :D


I'll have to try them out tomorrow at work!



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