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Connect and Community Apps have no Internet after a Server rebuild

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Very strange issue: Unraid thinks it has no internet. Neither Unraid Connect nor the Community Application plugin can access the internet. Yet I can access via other apps (in Docker) and ping Google in the terminal.


This occured after I did I revamp of my server hardware: new motherboard, cpu, and RAM. My only thinking here is that my new motherboard has both Ethernet and Wifi built in 🤔


Dunno what to do. Any help appreciated.


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Aha! I found my issue! I was clued in when I tried to pull a Docker image and got an error along the lines of "Certificate not yet valid".


My date/time was wrong! It got reset to January 1st when I replaced my motherboard. I simply booted up the BIOS, fixed the date, and started it up again. All fixed!

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