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[First timer] Array Devices show a total of 12tb (one 4tb SSD & three 4tb SSD). Creating array operation shows 4tb.

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So, this is what I have for my array devices. I'm not using Unraid as a NAS, but moreso as an application server that would backup to my Synology NAS. I'm running it on a Mini PC that could support only one mSata and one Sata device, so I'm using an external 4-bay enclosure for SSDs. This is what my Array Devices looks like:




I figure I might as well use the mSata for something, so using that for cache:



However, upon starting the array at the bottom, it shows "Total Size: 4 TB" not 12 TB as I would expect, but I'm also new to Unraid so I'm unsure if this is to be expected:




Is it 4 TB because of how Unraid "handles" RAID by not striping the data and each disk being independent? Or did I screw something up? I just don't want to have to wait 11 hours (which is crazy as my eight bay, 12 TB HDDs took less).

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