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New to unraid/docker, plex just stopped working a day or so ago - what do I need to try?

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Setup an unraid server a month or so ago.  Have had plex setup via linuxservers docker and it's been running great with zero issues.  All of a sudden for the past day or two plex just refuses to play anything from my server (but can play from others).  I've restarted the docker a bunch of times, updated it today.  Still can't get anything to play.  I can get to plex server settings/dashboard via unraid. When i try to play an episode it shows up in the dashboard as playing (episode time progressing) - but nothing is actually going.


With me being new, what are the first few things that I should always try if I have a plex issue?  Screenshots here demonstrating episode playing. https://imgur.com/a/yUQrgrX

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Deleted the entire contents of the codecs folder which seems to have done the trick for now.


Edit: have had to do this once or twice, has always resolved the issue.  Set up a script to delete the codecs folder once a week and so far the issue hasn't occurred since.

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