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SMB Shares Re-Mounting-attempts

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Hello guys

I hope someone has a solution for following problem:

I have to Servers (Server A and Server B).

Server A has SMB shares setup to Server B (Server A -> Server B). When Server A and Server B are both online, and shares are mounted (automounting is on), everything works pretty well. Server B can go offline (sleep), and after waking up, the shares are still mounted.

Now if the Server B is offline, and server A is restarted, it is trying to mount the shares from the Server B, but as the server B is offline, no shares are mounted. If the server B comes online, the shares are not mounted, and the system doesn't even try to mount them.

How can I make sure, that when the Server B comes online, Server A will try to mount the shares?




Thanks a lot for any help!

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