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I'm just writing some UX/UI things up as I migrate from 15 years on Freenas/TrueNAS and migrating to UNRaid.

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This will not be very organized because i'm super busy but I just wanted to document things I think could be improved or changed to better enhance the UX experience and make things have a better workflow, because sometimes I am scratching my head for an hour wondering what to do when the problem isn't even a problem, for example:




So tldr there, the warning window that pops up is too agressive / big / scary looking, when the UNRAid web ui could simply compare and highlight the conflicts like chrome search is doing there, with a "* This entry conflicts with X docker container and must be changed in order to continue" and would have saved me about an hour here. Maybe even don't have the popup window at all, just don't let the create docker button become clickable until the conflicts are resolved. (With a message next to the button explaining why).


There's more I will add later from earlier/past few days, and will add more as I go.


Data shuffling 75odd TB from ZFS over to btfs on UNRAid, finally free from the shackles of kubernites and to a lesser extent these days, bsd jails. I am liking UNRaid a lot more but this about sums up my experiences with the interface and how everything works so far:



And there I am.

More to follow.


Edit 1:

Saw a topic on Notifications and remembered: Make it so clicking the bell icon takes us to a page like: /Tools/NotificationsArchive?filter=warning,alert,notice when we single-click the bell icon. if we want to faff around with the popup menu on the icon you can still do that, this just gets us where we want to mostly be faster.

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When adding a pool, if you type the name in the wrong syntax, you get this big angry popup:



Instead it could just not do it, grey out the submit button, and insert some small red text under the name with the "Use only lower~*" text, disappears when you fix the name and lets you click create again. 



Settings > Docker and turn on Template Authoring mode should be more clear this is how you enable persistent/default Advanced View


also, image.png.2d2959a1c6bf86590b228b16567ad3a8.png

it would be cool if it told me what shares were deleted afterwards and not just a number of how many.

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There's lots of tools/apps that put a 'link' in Settings (or.. Tools, or just have a settings page and a port number for you to bookmark and no way to launch them from the webui itself.), and I'm constantly going back and forth trying to find what it is i'm looking for. If the UI has to be messy like this, make it customizable at least for the end user. I'm using ublock and greasemonkey to change a lot of these things myself to make it more usable. Eg here I've blocked these icons as they seemed pointless here;



'I only kept the help icon because it's the only way to easily toggle help on for everything on a page. shouldn't be way up here in the corner next to the notification icon anyway.




How about moving it here, and have it toggle the help for the table it's on rather than the entire page too, and have one at the top of each table?

For new users especially having it hidden in the top corner of the screen like this is iffy.

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I think when filling in a bug report, the accounts email should already be filled here maybe, so you don't have to type it. grab itfrom the connected unraid account.


Edit: I was about to submit that report and when I was done typing I clicked done and then realized I just closed the window.

Done should be renamed Close here. I submitted that as a suggestion and almost clicked DONE again once I was DONE.. 



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It should say when the next scheduled parity check is due under here. I don't know why it doesn't already.


How about something like this for scrubs too? in order to run a scrub you have to dive deep into the disks to find the option.


It's buried too deep and there's no info on completed scrubs on the /Main screen, so you don't know if a scrub is finished or not, or whether it fixed any errors, unless you remember to go check the individual disks (which can take awhile with 12+ disks).


This is a pretty big oversight in my opinion. There are also NO notifications given regarding scrubs at all.

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