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Parity drive listed errors

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Unraid Version: 6.11.5

Motherboard: MSI B550 Mortar Wifi

CPU: AMD Ryzen 3900X

MEMORY: 32GB @ 3000mhz (mismatched kits of 2x8)




I noticed this morning some errors were listed when my parity drive span up at 5:00am to run MOVER.


Also, then recieved two follow up emails with; 


Subject: Warning [TOWER] - reallocated sector ct is 216
Description: ST8000VN004-2M2101_WKD0TW3W (sdc)


Subject: Warning [TOWER] - reported uncorrect is 2
Description: ST8000VN004-2M2101_WKD0TW3W (sdc)



I have had errors on drives before and taken certain measures to fix the issue (replace cables etc) or replace the drive itself, but I have never had any errors show up on the parity drive. So I am wondering if I need to do anything differently in this situation?


Also just as a side note, is my spin-down delay of 1 hour on my drives too low? They don't get access too often maybe once or twice a day. I do not want to run the drives 24/7 due to the increased noise and electricity costs.


I have uploaded the diagnostics to this post and will await for further instruction, thank you.



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