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[Solved] Questions on Adding Drives to Array

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The plan was to run three preclear cycles on all drive and then start up, finished the preclear on four of the drives and am on the second preclear of the other three.  Based on a suggestion from another thread I decided to go ahead and "play" around with the four drives that have already went three goes while the others were preclearing.  Added the parity drive and it did some kinda check that took about 11 hours to complete, added two data drives and everything seems fine but they are showing as being unformatted.  It was my understanding that preclear formatted the drives for unRAID and did a stress test, should these drives be shown as formatted?  The only other oddity is unmenu is stating it's been 15207 days since the last parity check (which ran over night), that's something like 41 years.  Beyond that everything seems fine, all of the drives are showing green, etc.  


One thing to note is I've not shut down the system after preclearing the first four drives three times, I went right into preclearing the others.  So if the data drives should show up as formatted there is a good chance they will once I restart (I'd try that theory now but I'm still about 28 hours away from finishing up the second preclear on the remaining drives).  So I'm not real concerned until I can try to restart just thought I'd see if their are any thoughts while I wait.


- Running 5.0-beta10

- Using one HITACHI Deskstar H3IK30003272SW 3TB 7200 for parity and will be using one HITACHI Deskstar H3IK30003272SW 3TB 7200 for a cache drive

- Data drives are five HITACHI Deskstar 0S03230 3TB 5400 RPM drives

- Used preclear_disk1.12beta.sh with option -A

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I had that same 41 year bug on B10 with 3Tb drive build.


It was showing correct. then one day it just went to some crazy number. I think it was right after i rebuilt a dead drive and re-ran parity.


Before i ever got to investigate it, it cleared itself up to never be seen again.

I dont know if it was a clock issue or something else.

i dont remember if a reboot or a parity check was how it was fixed.


I just remember the big red number and cocking my head to the side like a dog.. "huuuh??!"

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Normally, if you add a new drive to an array with a parity drive the unRAID system will keep the array offline until it clears the new drive. Amoung other things, the preclear script does the preclearing so the drive is ready to add to the array without the down-time clearing it. The preclear does not format the drive, that happens when you press the format button once the array is running. I believe it could take up to 10 or 15 minutes to format a big drive.



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Thanks for the responses, I didn't want to jump the gun and hit format if it was something that shouldn't be coming up.  Sure enough came home hit format and it took maybe 10-15 minutes.  As for the day since parity check, I'm not really concerned and I'm hoping when I restart it will go away.  Once again thanks for the help.

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