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  1. ..it was bad ram. Ran memtest and the amount of corruption that spewed out would be right at home in the Trump administration.
  2. ..you got me interested in a dark theme, I just gave it a try. ``` # Run this while Node Red is up and running: $ docker exec -it NodeRed-OfficialDocker /bin/bash # Then you'll be inside the running container # Now run: $ npm install node-red-contrib-theme-midnight-red # And exit the container: $ exit # Now from unraid, edit settings.js: $ vim /path/to/nodered/settings.js ``` You'll want it to look like: ``` .... editorTheme: { page: { css: "/usr/src/node-red/node_modules/node-red-contrib-theme-midnight-red/midnight.css" } } ``` Then restart nodered docker from the unraid docker GUI.
  3. NOT the toplevel appdata folder !- the path to your nodered appdata folder. Something like `/mnt/user/appdata/nodered` https://github.com/bonanitech/node-red-contrib-theme-midnight-red#install Looks like you have to manually do some `npm`'ing
  4. To update to v1.0 that came out today: - Edit your docker template's repository field from `nodered/node-red-docker` to just `nodered/node-red` - I needed to `chown -R 1000 /path/to/appdir` to update it to the new uid used by the container
  5. Last night my unRaid became unresponse - no webUI, no ssh, and attaching I monitor I see this Kernel Panic, attached. Unfortunately no log; had to hard power it off and back on. I just turned on the syslog server, so if it happens again I'll hopefully have more info... But anyone see anything actionable in the tail end of the panic? But
  6. I almost feel bad about getting one of these and putting it on my ancient beat up Norco 4220! (Cover doesn't fit since I jammed in the 120mm fanplate :p )
  7. Same problem on 6.7.0 here, and confirmed that gist fixed it for me. Thanks @ljm42 !
  8. Love unRaid... started as a way to just hold lots of movies for XMBC to play, now it's an automated downloading behemoth that's also running backups and home automation.
  9. I'd love RSS for both blog posts, and new unRaid stable/beta releases
  10. Hahaha I'm dumb. I swear it used to be that little play/stop icon, but clicking the logo works.
  11. I've seen this on 6.7.0, at least both rc5 and rc6, and I believe one of the earlier rc's, but 5 and 6 for sure. If I go to the docker page, and hover over the icon that shows state, instead of popping up the menu of options, it shows the "rearrange tool" - Tried with white theme, black theme, and azure theme - Tried with Chrome, Safari, and Firefox - Tried in both basic and advanced view
  12. https://twitter.com/JustinAiken is following you.