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  1. I filed a bug report about this:
  2. No. No pihole here. I am not having any connection issues here AFAIK. Connection has been stable.
  3. So I appear to be having a problem with dockers, Specifically Linuxserver ones, but they said to me it is an unRAID issue and it is "not just us." I chatted with someone from Linuxserver in private and they said it is an issue with "Update all containers." The dockers will say there is an update ready, but when updated, it does not do anything. Tried manually updating a docker, same result. gibson-diagnostics-20190829-1841.zip
  4. How to revert back to last version?! I see no option to do so.
  5. I'm getting an error in rutorrent (the web gui) in the log since the latest update to the container image. [07.04.2019 12:10:09] WebUI started. [07.04.2019 12:10:09] cloudflare: Cant load cfscrape, python [04/07/2019 12:10:10] Python Not Found Can you help me? Thanks, urbanracer34
  6. Hi. I can't seem to modify any of my settings in my Rutorrent instance, with none of them persisting after container restart or update. I tried to modify the downloads directory from "/downloads/incoming" to JUST "/downloads/" and to keep the port as one specific port and not a random one. Whenever I restart the container, the modified settings NEVER take effect. Is this a problem for anyone else? Thanks, urbanracer34
  7. Well there goes nearly a month of continuous uptime. Updating now... EDIT1: Updated. Nothing seeming out of sorts yet.
  8. DOH! Thanks for this. Never would have seen it otherwise. Limetech, you can now close this with whatever reason code you want.
  9. I would like to see ZeroTier support be added to unRAID. Essentially, it is a completely new networking system that runs on top of the Internet. More info here: https://www.zerotier.com/
  10. It worked! Thank you very much! I consider this all solved.
  11. OK I can understand that (and can handle that failure,) but how do I move my appdata over to my SSD while it exists as a share? I need to (somehow) get rid of the share in order to move it.
  12. Here's the gist: I bought a NVME SSD and installed it in my rig. I moved over SYSTEM from my hard disk over to the SSD using unBALANCE. Now It's showing "SOME OR ALL FILES UNPROTECTED" Parity check ran overnight and moved DOMAINS (EMPTY) also to the SSD, without telling me. Now it's ALSO showing "SOME OR ALL FILES UNPROTECTED" I am trying to move AppData over to put all my docker's files on the SSD from the hard disk, but I have it set up as a share and I can't remove the share, because I don't know how. Please send help ASAP. TY, urbanracer34
  13. Finally fixed the problem with a krusader docker and moving the file using that. No longer need this help, but thanks anyway! .