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  1. Where can I find the report again? I found it. It was temp related. Closing thread.
  2. So I've run into an issue. I haven't touched my server physically in a long time, and I have it do an array health report every 6 hours to send to my phone. Most of the time it says PASS, but sometimes it says FAIL. There doesn't seem to be a cause for it. I don't see any error counts on the front page. I am at a loss. Can someone help? gibson-diagnostics-20210627-0951.zip
  3. Running 6.9.2. I noticed that when I close my browser window (Chrome) open another one and go to my server, I need to relog into the server. Also tested with firefox. As far as I know, this is not intended behaviour. This just started up today if my memory is correct. I have attached diagnostics. gibson-diagnostics-20210605-1034.zip
  4. I tried connecting with the guest account and it said "Operation could not be completed. Invalid argument"
  5. I am trying to access my server using the files app on my iPhone (I assume via SMB) It says 0 items and is read only. I've tried even reentering my credentials to no effect. Could the My Server's plugin be at fault due to the DNS rebinding?
  6. Just thought people should know about this: https://www.nicehash.com/blog/post/stop-using-phoenix-miner-immediately
  7. From Linuxserver's Github: https://github.com/linuxserver/docker-rutorrent/issues/188 We will continue with dropping support with this container in due course. We will be recommending current users to migrate to CrazyMax's rutorent cotainer: https://github.com/crazy-max/docker-rtorrent-rutorrent/ The question is how to migrate when the developer doesn't support unraid? Conversation I had with the person who makes this container: https://github.com/crazy-max/docker-rtorrent-rutorrent/issues/59 https://github.com/crazy-max/docker-nextcloud/issues/20#issuecomment-506553956
  8. JUST AN FYI: THIS IMAGE COULD BE REMOVED AT ANY TIME. HERE'S MORE INFO: https://github.com/linuxserver/docker-rutorrent/issues/188
  9. Hello, I am having an issue regarding my instance of rutorrent. After updating to 6.9.1 my Docker for rutorrent has been hovering around 8% CPU usage consistently. I am using linuxserver/rutorrent:2fce6c70-ls25 for compatibility for some sites I use. A run of the "top" command is attached in an image
  10. Not sure if this is the best place for this, but my server says https://registry.hub.docker.com/u/binhex/arch-krusader/ is no longer available. Looks like it fixed itself for the time being. https://registry.hub.docker.com/u/binhex/arch-krusader/ is completely blank. What is going on?
  11. Issue appears to be fixed as of latest update.