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filename containing accented characters won't copy?

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<Noob alert>


I was moving a folder form one disk share to another today when I encountered this problem. I was doing it though OS X (drag and drop). The copy would get partway and abort. I narrowed it down to a few folders, and finally figured out it was files with accented characters in the filename causing the issue. I am sharing via NFS.


Is this a common issue? I cant seem to find anything about it on the web (maybe my google fu is not so strong). Or, maybe is it something screwy with my setup?


The error you get on OS X is a permissions error indicating that you don't have permissions to read the file. Viewing the permissions shows no obvious problems and If you remove any accented characters all is well

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File names are, and have been an issue for some time with file servers.


Seems every file system has a slightly different set of 'legal' character names for files.


Mac's often have the most trouble since they allow the widest set of characters to name files with. Since my network supports Mac, Windows and Linux, I have learned to remove all but the smallest subset of characters from files before I copy them to ANY file server (not just unRAID). Support does vary per server OS type.


I do use spaces, or separate names with '.'



Star Wars.mkv



I also stay away from file name with apostrophes


Finnegan's Wake.vob




Finnigans Wake.vob


It is possible to get specific characters to work, but then it comes back to bite you later. Like say in the future, you want to move data from your current server to a different system using rsync, sometimes it will work, but I have had the rsync fail on file names that are unsupported on a file-system.


I would recommend staying with simplified names, for now and the future. Like I say, you may get it working now, but it might come back to haunt you sometime down the road.


This is just my opinion.  :)





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I have been removing all unusual characters as I find them. Thought that would be the best route, and I see I'm not alone. This does go against the obsessive pedantic nature in me, however  ;)


I have stuck to using spaces and periods as you have, but I added underscore and hyphen into the mix with the occasional parenthesis and square bracket. That's about the minimum I can't live without.

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