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Will QNAP TL-D800S SATA JBOD enclosure work with UNRAID?

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I've been evaluating options for a NAS with the ability to also handle some containers for various services.  It looks like UNRAID might be a nice fit.


I was trying to determine if the SATA JBOD device I'm using will work with UNRAID.  I'm using a QNAP TL-D800S SATA JBOD enclosure.  It supports eight drives.  The QNAP documentation says it works with Ubuntu.


I was looking to determine which version of Linux that UNRAID is built on.  I've not been having much luck.  Does anyone have info on if the TL-D800S will work with UNRAID, or if they feel that it is supported by Ubuntu that UNRAID should also be ok?


The card for the TL-D800S will be going into a HP Prodesk 600 G6 SFF i7-10700 32GB, so I believe more than adequate for handling the QNAP in addition to running UNRAID and a number of containers.


Just trying to get a feel for if it is worth the time to try, or if anyone else out there has used this solution and knows it works.


Thanks for any and all help!

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On 1/28/2024 at 11:55 PM, FreakyBigFoot said:

How’s your unraid journey going? I’m debating on getting a similar setup. 

I was delayed for a bit, but I'm having success now that I'm working on it.


It took me about a week to get things working with UnRaid.  Just the normal... learning the software issues.  I have an array set up with two parity drives.  I have a cache pool of two SSD's that are mirrored.


I have one issue with the QNAP TL-D800S.  When I do a startup, some of the drives in the array don't get recognized.  So, I have to removed the unrecognized drives and reinsert them.  With the QNAP JBOD this is a less than 60 second job.  Then I log in to the web interface and start the array.  As this thing will live in my networking closet on a UPS, powered up 24/7, I don't foresee this as a big issue.  I will likely post on the forum, see if someone else has figured out the issue.


I've also been able to get a Docker instance of Plex running, my movies, music, tv shows, all on the array, serving to Roku's running the Plex app, as well as our phones, tablets and computers.


SpaceInvaderOne's YouTube videos are an invaluable resource.  He does a great job.  I usually have him open in a browser window on one side of my ultrawide monitor, and unraid open in the other side, following his instructions... with me pausing lots!


I'm happy with UnRaid, looking forward to doing much more!

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