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USB stick corrupted? How to get config folder on new stick

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Goodmorning all,


First of all, I'm a very happy UNRAID user since 16-6-2021. So a n00b still. 

I mostly use it for some game servers (Docker) and Home Assistant (VM).


Last week I went on vacation and shut everything down. (Official way via Unraid UI, I did not just pull plugs). 
When I came back last Friday, my server would not boot. Gave me the "Kernel Panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(0,0)"
Did some searching in these forums, Reddit, etc. Find some usefull info, but I could not fine exactly what I want:


How to get my "old" config folder on a new flashed Unraid USB?


Actions taken and further info:


- Tried to "Fix" the USB Stick via Win 11 chkdsk. But it won't touch RAW formated Disks. 

- Wouldn't check the USB stick via "properties", only gives the option to format it first.
- Partially backed up the USB Stick. Wouldn't copy the bzroot or any other bz files. I was able to back up the config folder.

- After trying to backup, It seems I cannot acces the folders/files on the USB stick anymore.

- Tried flashing another USB to make sure it's not server hardware related, booted fine.

- Following this guide: https://docs.unraid.net/unraid-os/manual/changing-the-flash-device/ I should be able to get a new key and render my old USB unusable for Unraid ever again, which I'm fine with.


So I guess my USB stick got corrupted somehow. 


My question is: How to get my "old" config folder on a new flashed Unraid USB?

Will there be problems with assigning of disks, or is it all saved in the config folder files?

Anything I need to make sure beforehand that I overlooked?


Thanks in advance. If I withheld some info by accident which is needed to answer my questions, please let me know.

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On 6/26/2023 at 9:18 AM, Quellien said:

Tried to "Fix" the USB Stick via Win 11 chkdsk. But it won't touch RAW formated Disks. 

This suggests  failing drive as the USB stick is formatted as FAT32 (which Windows should be happy with) when working normally.


All settings are saved in the config folder, so if you copy it onto a new flash drive your settings should all be there.   However when creating the new flash drive I would first check it boots OK in case some of the settings in the config folder got corrupted and later cause problems when booting after you overwrite the default settings with your specific ones.


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