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Server unresponsive half the time, docker containers quit, pulling my hair out

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I set up unraid on a new-to-me r720xd. It runs way too hot and loud, but whatever, it's what I have. The trial went well, I bought the Pro license, but now I'm having more and more problems with unraid. The docker containers will stop and when I try to start them, they'll complain about Server Error something and not start. Sometimes on reboot, they won't come up at all. The WebUI will become totally unresponsive after enough docker nonsense and I'll have to kill the php/nginx processes to get it to go again. If that doesn't work and I try to reboot, it'll just hang there trying to shut down. I forgot about it the other night and it finally rebooted after about 6 hours. The logs are absolutely filled with "received packet with own address" errors that I can't seem to track down. Nothing about it seems to work quite right and I'm getting ready to just chuck the whole thing.


I've attached diagnostics. Thank you for your help!


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