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All Unraid terminals freeze on docker app version change, also sometimes randomly

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The other day I woke to find all my dockers are down and unraid terminal as well as any docker terminal won't open, tho dockers show as running and unraid webui was accessible. A power cycle resolved it.


I'm able to reproduce the issue now by hitting edit on my nextcloud docker app and changing the lscr.io/linuxserver/nextcloud to any other version, for example lscr.io/linuxserver/nextcloud:version-25.0.4 or lscr.io/linuxserver/nextcloud:24.0.3 . This does not appear to be an issue with this particular app as I once reproduced it with a different app as well but thought it was something else at the time. Anyway, on submitting the version change, it shows to download and setup the docker app successfully. On clicking Console or Logs, the popup comes up with a half-opened terminal where nothing is shown or can be entered. If I click on my UnRaid terminal, same result. If I go to dashboard, all cpu activity stats dropped to 0% usage and nothing updates. All other dockers continue to work but I'm assuming will likely crash after enought time. Changing the nextcloud version back, does *not* unfreeze terminals and a restart is required to get anywhere.


I thought it might be my USB3.0 flash and switched to a 2.0 flash drive but issue continues. On latest Unraid 6.12.1. Logs removed for time being.


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