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Docker Service Start Delay (on boot)

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Hi all I am new to Unraid and still have loads to learn on its internals.

I have a bunch of Docker containers that use data from a network share mounted with the plugin unassigned devices.

The issue I have is when unraid reboots docker containers are brought up before the network shares are mounted so I have to manually restart all docker containers once the shares are mounted.

I know how to put a delay on other linux systems, either a time delay or a condition match delay (preferable)

(ex creating a systemd service configuration rule)



But I don´t know how to do it here with Unraid.

Can someone help me?

Thanks :D

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Hi. I think I figured it out xD

It can be done in the Docker Tab using the advanced view and setting a wait value in seconds


I also noticed you can drag and drop each docker in the list (to change start order in case you have dependencies)

This will do for me and I would consider the issue solved.

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