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Unraid CPU maxed by process "node"

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Hello all

Came home tonight to my unraid box playing up First noticed my home assistant seemed to not be functioning Logged in and found a bunch of dockers stopped that are normally running (unfortunately didn't think to take notice of what was and was not. Most were not running anymore)

Noticed the CPU was maxed and top revealed a process 'node' (x12) maxing the CPU https://imgur.com/a/hAsl3M8


Stopped docker trying to narrow it down and that stopped the CPU usage

but overall the server was acting up - all my shares were not showing up in the UI etc

Rebooted and all appears good but like to find out what happened


Any suggestions? not sure what would cause it

List of dockers I run: https://imgur.com/a/Srul7nx

Only thing in Tailscale before the reboot and the usual nightly stuff is from Tailscale but does not look like anything of concern

Still running 6.11.5



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