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Sleep - strange thing happened after adding sound card

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So i dont know what really happening after Sleep function, i've added Creative Labs Sound Blaster X AE-5 to my server and now when i Stop my array and then Sleep, it will sleep as usual, but when i try to Wake it up, it starts server, i hear that fans, drives are starting, but nothing more, earlier my mouse, keyboard, mic has some leds on it and it will lighten earlier, screen also wakes up, but not now, i have stream deck also and when earlier i wake up my server it wakes up and shows "last state" before Sleep command, now its black.

I have to manually press Reset button and then server starts normally, that suxxx, how to resolve this?

My Unraid version 6.11.5

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18 minutes ago, JorgeB said:

Not all hardware supports sleep/wake correctly.

Wait but my server Sleeps and Wakes without any problems for more than a year, nothing was changed in hardware but that pci-e sound card, what has sound card with sleep or wake? More to it, my server wakes up, i hear that it wakes up, everything spinning, but cant login etc, i have to reset it manually and then it starts normally, strange.

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2 minutes ago, JorgeB said:

Do you mean you now have the same issue without the sound card?

Yep, same issue, Stop array, Sleep, then i wake up my server from my phone as usual (nothing changes in settings), fan starts, disk starts, but nothing more, i cant login and keyboard, mouse, mic, stream deck are black, only reset helps and then everything starts normaly

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