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Re-Do my unRaid setup?

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Good Morning,


Long story short: I jumped through hoops to get unRaid working with ESXi.  I have it running, but it's not perfect.  My reason for going with ESXi was to allow Sage Server to run on a Windows VM.  Now that I built a new HTPC, I could move Sage Server to that and I really don't have a need for the Windows VM as unRaid can do all the rest "natively" (SABNZB, SickBeard, etc.)


My questions is, should I remove the added layer of ESXi and just go native with unRaid?




- Cha

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That would be your desicion.


We don't know if you might need to add more VM's in the future. we also dont know how you set esxi up, so we dont know how easy it would be to undo.


I always find having a VM for testing things handy so i don't mess up a production windows or *nix PC. I also have a "free unRAID" vm on my ESXi with 3x 10gig virtual drives for testing unraid addons and stuff.


If you leave your unraid on 24x7, then leave sage on it. that way you can power down or sleep your HTPC.


If you built your ESXi with VMdirect passthough and  no virtual disks, you could just take your esxi thumbdrive out and let it boot to unRAID and see if you get better performance. i am betting it will be about the same.


bottom line. is only you know your needs and the answer...


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