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Keeping Music in Sync

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Copy/paste works for me.  I have a collection of music on my DJ computer that I like to keep separate from my primary music collection.  I have two shares - music and DJ - that have their own share settings.  Every once in a while I will manually copy the music from the DJ computer into the DJ music share to keep it all backed up/synced.  It doesn't bother me that I have a lot of music duplicated in the two shares because music takes up so little space compared to video.  There certainly are fancier ways to accomplish this same goal, but I like the simplicity of this method.  Sounds like it will work for you too.

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I do as Raj does also.


I use teracopy so I'm not copying the same file twice, or some other tool I recently found psync or pbsync or pwsync. I cannnot remember.


I prefer rsync when going from unix to unix.


So for my XBMC I keep a 2TB drive just for music and rsync it to my unRAID server.

The on the XBMC I use the psync tool to synchronize a DJ folder with my DJ laptop and Numark HD MIX hard drive.



So if your MBP box is unix based and can support rsync that will work.

If the hard drive can be mounted via SMB or NFS, you can mount it temporarily on unRAID and use rsync again to copy over the newer or changed files.

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