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Out of array - but shared

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Hey All,


I have a few older 1Tb drives floating around. I've started getting multiple failures with these drives, being so old. I still have a use for them, but don't want them to affect the array at all as they fail all the time...  I'm thinking the ideal setup would be to have them shared out as a TimeMachine drive, but outside of the protected array.


Is this possible?




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you can look at snap. but as far as i see it only supports smp shares at the moment

for unraid v5b11+ i'm currently writing an other drive mount plugin (see my signature). easy smb shares will come at the next version and i'll try to add afp shares as well.

can't promise about timemachine, but if i get afp shares working, timemachine shares should work as well.


but each drive would be shared on its own. you won't get one big timemachine share outside of the array.



and btw. i wouldn't trust my backups to old drives which already show failures... kinda defeats the purpose of a backup...

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Cool - would be good to get persistent shares (tied to disk serial) after restart? Unsure if your current plugin offers that feature.


Wouldn't be storing backups on failed/failing drives  :D  That'd just be silly. However, TimeMachine gives the disks in the array a hard time. Would be ideal to have them outside of array, as they tend to be the drives that fail more often. Easy to rebuild a backup!

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