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GUI / TELNET went offline during Parity check!

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Hi All,

I suspected one of my drives might be going bad, so I decided to run a parity check. Unfortunately the first one, since I just finished migrating, my data and installing a parity disk.


The parity check seemed to be running fine until this morning when I tried to browse one of my disks through the web GUI. I have since been unable to access the web GUI or telnet to the box. I can still browse my flash disk and shares via SMB though. However some data is not showing (worried look on face).


I tried copying the syslog to my flash drive, but it contains no data. So I did the next best thing and took a picture of the screen, attached.


My question is now do I leave the system as is, and hope the parity check completes (ETA 5 Hours)? Is there any way to check the progress form the CLI?


Oh yes. I'm running 5.0 beta 11


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OK so a little research led me to reiserfsck, it appears the drive may be badly corrupted, it's suggesting I run a --rebuild-sb.


The SMART report for the disk also lists lots of issues. Luckily enough I believe the Parity Sync finished processing that disk as it was one of the smallest.


I unmounted the disk so I could run reiserfsck and have left it that way. I then restarted samba and can see my shares again ;D as well as the missing data from earlier. Still not sure about the data on the suspect disk though.


Any idea how I check to see if the Parity sync is still in operation? Also how do I shutdown the server safely seeing as I can't do it via the GUI?


On UK time so hopefully someone from this side of the Pond has some experience with the CLI.


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