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Streaming from unRaid direct to your TV


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Since my media PC decided to have "issues" I've started looking at if it was possible to stream movies direct from my unRaid box to my Sony TV (which is already on the net). Bit of googling has brought me up the following:





Now, unless I'm mistaken, these threads suggest that it is possible to stream direct to the TV.....expect there seems to be a fair bit of voodoo magic going on - and I'm struggling to keep up with what's going on.


So can someone sum this up for me? I don't mind doing the leg work to make it work (and as I figure it out I plan to document it here to help others), but currently I can barely understand what I'm reading and my Linux knowledge is not the best.


So a simple, non-technical, explanation (the highlights if you will) so that I've got a framework to work with the complexity - or have I totally misunderstood these threads??  :)

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