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Help needed building Unraid server


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I want to build a Unraid server to stream movies to my dune player.

I will start with 3 disks and upgrade as i go.

The hard drives will be green power drives.

And for unRAID Add on only WOL to start.



I already have:


CPU: Intel E8400



Mobo: Asus P5E



Mem: Corsair Twin2x DDR2 4096MB PC6400 XMS2 (2X2048MB)



Case: Antec Three Hundred Versatile Case



For the power supply i was thinking of a corsair TX650 V2



USB stick no clue


Are these components compatible with Unraid, Or am i better with a hole new build?




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I don't see any issues, UNRaid supports a pretty wide variety of hardware.  Only thing that potentially raises a flag for me  is the Marvel controller on the NIC - but that's only because I don't know if there have been issues with them or not, may want to do a search on Marvel.  However you can easily (and cheaply) add a Intel based nic and disable the onboard if it does come up as a potential problem area.

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..the mobo has 2x PCIe x16 slots...all others are too slow for hosting a disk-controller.

If you want to go above the number of on-board sata-connectors,

make sure it will accept anything else than a GPU in these slots.


..the pot. problem with the NIC as already been addressed...any intel GB NIC for

PCI or PCIe x1 slot should do fine.

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