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Stuck on XBMC


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Hi all,


I recently set up my first unRAID box.  Things are rosy there, although I'm certain I don't quite understand user shares and aren't using them quite right yet  :)


I am now working on part two of the "outfit my home with awesome media!" project: the XBMC media center.  I've got it up and running, life's good there.  However, when I try to find unRAID on my windows HTPC... no dice.  XBMC can see the contents of the tower from twonkymedia (which I've since disabled) and XBMC can see the media on the unRAID server if I map it through XBMC.  My problem is that I can't get windows explorer to see the unRAID server. 


I did a ton of reading and surfing, trying to find the solution.  I've narrowed it down to some windows 7 and SMB issue as lots of people seem to have the same issue as I do.  To further complicate matters, I've got Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit, which seems to be missing the "easy solution" of modifying the local security policy... it's not included in this expensive version of windows, I have to buy a more expen$ive version to get the local security policy.  (sigh)  Issue discussed here:



So, after hours of searching, I turn to you guys and gals in hopes that one of you has come across this and solved it already.  Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!






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 First of all, welcome to unRAID!  Secondly, would you be so kind as to indicate to us what version of unRAID you're using?  That will help determine what the issue is.  I can tell you from experience that Windows 7 prefers an IP address instead of "tower".  You also need to make sure they're in the same workgroup (identical workgroup names).  Also, if you're running 5b10 or higher, I'd suggest looking into running Plex Media Server (http://lime-technology.com/forum/index.php?topic=14446.0, or using 5b11 you could try this one).  If you use that, all your movies will be pre-scanned and scraped, and you can then use the PleXBMC add-on to link it into XBMC.  I too have Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit and I'm still experimenting with this, and have several kinks to work out, but it's the method I'm using.

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I'm relatively new to both unRAID and XBMC.  Right now, I just have it setup to load the XBMC library via SMB shares from unRAID.   I do find that updating the library a little slow, and then the thumbs and artwork slow when switching between shows and movies.


Would using pleXBMC solve this?  What are the benefits of using this?

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Would using pleXBMC solve this?  What are the benefits of using this?

Plex Media Server (PMS) is the server component that prescans and scrapes all the media in a given location.  That information is then stored in a non-volatile location (data drive in the array or cache drive).  PleXBMC is the XBMC plugin that allows XBMC to read and understand the data PMS has compiled.  It makes for a very fast cataloging of the movies, since all XBMC has to do is retrieve information directly from the server.  I never bothered going the pure XBMC route, so I'm not sure how the speed compares directly.

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Not sure if it wil help, but when i add shares to xbmc i need to add a 'add network location' rather than 'Windows Network (SMB)' before xbmc will find my smb shares. To do so, click add videos, then add network location. Then add tower (if that is your servers name) or ip adress to the server name field and then user/pass if required. My unraid server then shows up in the browse for new share list and i can add my shares.

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I'm new to unRAID also and I just setup my first server this past weekend.  If you haven't yet, you need to create a user share for the media (movies and what not) that XBMC is to scrape and play.  I suppose you could use the default disk shares that unRAID creates by default but wouldn't do that.  I created my first user share and called it Media with a split level of 2.


Before I messed with configuring XBMC, I mapped to the user share I created in the unRAID user share menu.  A simple way is to map a drive is to drop to a command prompt and type: 


net use M: \\tower\media


You can also map the drive from inside of windows explorer (tools, map network drive, pick your letter, \\tower\media.  Once I mapped to the share, using windows explorer, I created two folders at the root of the drive. 


Drive M: on \\Tower\Media

Folder 1:  Movies

Subfolder:  Movie name (year)

Folder 2:  TV Shows

Subfolder:  TV show name - Season - year


After I copied over all of my movies and shows, I fired up XBMC and added the video sources from the drive that I mapped above and set the scrapers accordingly for each top folder.


Hope this helps,



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