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unraid checks parity once a day - is that's OK? + some sudden restart problems

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I'm having the following issue: i copy a lot of files to unraid , 150 - 500 GB at a time (moving the whole library). sometimes i do it while unraid performs a parity check (its doing it once a day i think). usually it results in unraid crashing (I'm not sure if its because of parity check, its just i noticed that the last 2 restarts occurred exactly when i was trying to copy files during parity check - anyway i do have a log - i attached it).


does it suppose to parity check every day? (is this the way unraid works? shouldn't unraid update parity on fly or something?) . can i set a schedule for this?


is it common that unraid crashes when there is too much disk activity? also I'm getting error -36 from finder (The Finder cannot complete the operation becasue some data in " File_name_here" could not be read or written). i thought that the problem was with my external disk, but i just copied the files that gave me errors before (when i tried to copy them during parity check) with no problem. i just wonder if those related...


regarding the log and the restarts: after the sudden restart i could not login to tower to get the log. so i restarted manually,  and then got the log. i hope it still retains the data of the sudden restart....if not ill wait till it happens again...




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After a server crash. unraid will replay the disk transactions and then start a parity check automaticly.


if your server is a crashing daily, it would then parity check daily. otherwise you have to do it manually unless you have the monthly parity check add-on in unmenu. then it does it the first of everymonth.



As to why it is crashing. some hardware information might help us. i didnt look at syslog yet (not that i know what to look for)



Hrmm intel nic. so that rules out some stuff


have you run memtest on the box for an extended period of time?

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just started memtest.... failed on 32% on 32bit inversion patterns.... :-\.


my hardware is:

mother board - ASUS Maximus formula  http://www.asus.com/Motherboards/Intel_Socket_775/Maximus_Formula/#specifications

processor: Intel Q6600 2.4Ghz Core2quad

video adapter: nvidia fx 8600 gt

ram : 2x Kingston KVR kvr800d2n/2G


on board devices (what i found in bios) J-micron Pata/Sata controller, Marvel Gigabit LAN 1 and 2 , VIA 1394 (have no idea what this one is...)

also i attached PCI Devices if it helps . from the unMenu.    the List Devices tab in unmenu does not work for some reason.

let me know if there other details i missed about the hardware. i just don't really have an OS like windows to check out the devices (i used Hackintosh for past 2 years - it does not list devices right).


my ram set in some dual-chanel mode. i will switch them to normal mode now and run memtest again. also memtest listed my ram as running at 400mhz and not 800 (probably because of this dualchanel thing....shows how much i didn't really know what i was doing with my hardware....).

btw - if it crashes again, what should i do? is there some log that memtest should write? how do i save it?




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update: runung memtest with ram in sigle chanel mode. so far 62% pass (brings me hope!)


intel core 2 2405 Mhz

L1 Cache: 32k  33880 MB/s

L2 Cache: 4096k 15722 MB/s

L3 Cache  - none

Memory: 4095M    3091 MB/s

Chipset: Intel X38/X48 (ECC: Disabled) - FSB : 267 MHz - Type : DDR2

Settings: RAM: 400 MHz (DDR801) / CAS : 5-5-5-18 / Single Chanel

MemMap - e820, ECC - off, Test - std


still mem test says the ram is 400MHz....why? :)

and should i consider this ECC thing? google says its good for servers!


90% still running....(see how much time it tik me to type in qwerty....switching to dvorak.....)

100% i made it!


it started the test again. what now? im planing to sleep now....i wont notice if it fails....if i wake up and it didnt fail, that good right? nad if it will, does it matter affter how many cicles it happaned (like....is it necessary to be near the PC)....


thanks again

(sorry if i wrote anything unrelated - i took a sleeping pil and it totaly hit me!)


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update: runung memtest with ram in sigle chanel mode. so far 62% pass (brings me hope!)


still mem test says the ram is 400MHz....why? :)

and should i consider this ECC thing? google says its good for servers!


DDR stands for Double Data Rate, which means it transfers data twice as fast as the

clock speed. 400MHZ is the clock speed. ECC stands for Error Checking and Correcting,

and is built into the RAM module. If you decide to replace your current RAM with new,

it's worth checking to see if the price difference isn't too bad. You can't enable ECC if

the module isn't built with it, and you can't mix ECC and non-ECC modules.

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