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are my pre clear results ok? (+ question about Bad sectors +sata port changing)

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i precleared another disk today (without skipping stages like the last time :). did it all - pre read , post read etc.). i would appreciate though if someone could review my pre clear results (attached - the last one at the end of the document - Sep. 3) - is the disk safe to use? i do know for sure that this disk had some bad sectors, and i think the report says that it found some, but i did not understand if it relocated them successfully.......im just scared to add it to the array yet...is it true that if i use drive with bad sectors, everything will be unprotected, and if a drive fails i will not be able to restore it?


also i would like to know - suppose one of my drives, that is already in the array will get a bad sector. will unraid fix it? (i mean relocate it or something).

is there a way to check for bad sectors manually (not while pre clearing - check already working drive with data on it).


Sata port changing - my parity drive supposed to be connected to SATA port 6 (and it was in the beginning!) but now unraid says that its connected to port 4! (and i did not mixed a cables or something, i did not touch it at all). i found some tutorial on how to change port from one to another, but i wanted to ask you if its safe.




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