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Tower gone from Network list in Windows 7


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I've been running unRAID for a while now.  I've always accessed my shares from the Windows 7 "Network" window.  There I see all my disks, flash, and user shares listed when I click on "Tower".


Yesterday I had a power failure (server is on a UPS, but I don't have communication SW yet) while the server was doing a parity sync.  The server is back up, a parity check/sync was done and all is fine. 


However the server "Tower" is no longer showing up in my Network tab in Windows 7.  From the same W7 machine I can use firefox to get to http://tower.  I can telnet into Tower from the W7 machine as well.


I'm thinking this is some sort of Samba issue, but where?  On the Windows side or the unRAID side?  Both machines are in the same Windows "Workgroup".  I'm also able to mount a network drive in W7 to one of my shares with no problems.  I've rebooted both machines several times.


Any ideas how to get Tower to show up under Network again?

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