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  1. Little red asterisks are used in most or all docker templates but I've never seen mention of what they mean. Required field? Beware? Convention would be to reference it somewhere on the page but I haven't seen anything, with or without "help", and searching for * or asterisk is pure humor. Yes, I'm barely involved in IT these days so am testing the boundaries of common knowledge. :help:
  2. We're discovering we have fewer duplicates than we thought which is going to necessitate more drives than will fit in this Q25. I have a single pciex8 slot available. Are port multipliers still the best for this sort of thing? Another 4 bays would be nice. Slightly annoying this board can drive 14 sata but I can only fit 7 3.5s in this little case. Thanks!
  3. Forgot to mention. I know I'm showing the rails at the back of the cage. I only split the rails at the front, between the fan and the cage, since I think blocked inflow is the root of the problem.
  4. Sorry, can't show the rails right now - running a parity check - but look at the gap they block. The rubber mounting donuts supplied for the lower mount points worked to test before I broke out the saw.
  5. A stupid-simple change to mounting hot-swap drives in my Q25 made for 2+ degrees fahrenheit drop in drive temps. I'd been going to cut out much of the offending aluminum but knew it'd look like butchery afterwards. As a test, I used the rubber washers instead of rails to mount drives, then cut out the center section of the rails and did it to the rest. It doubles the opening for air to travel from the fan across the cage drives.
  6. Thinking back now... I do recall it's faster to add your parity disk after you copy files. Makes ~10MB/s difference on this system which could add up over multiple TB copies.
  7. A guy steps away from the console for a few years and suddenly he forgets all the obvious stuff... Thanks all, I can use it!
  8. Of course that makes sense with a soft error. Wish the parity check interface would say something like "corrected x errors on Disk n".
  9. Just for reference, my brand new 6.1 system with a Xeon 1271v3, 16GB, a black parity drive and 5900rpm data drives receives long files at about 45-55MB/s with rsync over a smb connection. The same operation jumps to 55-60MB/s if the temp files are built on an ssd. The same system rebuilds parity at about 150MB/s until the the last few percent where it slows to ~80MB/s. I use rsync unless the other system is being scavenged, in which case I pull and attach drives directly.
  10. I just had an unclean shutdown on my new 6.x box when its UPS died. Rebuilt parity and all the drives show clean but the parity message is "Last checked on Mon 01 Feb 2016 12:21:22(today), finding 1 error." Up above each drive is listed with "Errors 0". How does one track this down?
  11. The only thing I've found painful with this build is getting to the mb for new cables, usb drive, etc. The supply sits right above the mb and even though it's sfx it makes all but a few connectors unavailable without either sliding the power supply back or the mb back and down, each requiring removal of 4 screws. A quick release system for the power supply is inevitable. Next to add drive activity lights...
  12. It fit perfectly I wouldn't have known the board wasn't made for the case. The SFX power supply was an important factor. The fit would have been much more difficult without. Modular isn't as important. The 500 is larger than the 450 anyway so even with modular cables you're mostly buying a cosmetic improvement. I was disappointed Silverstone only provides two SATA modular power ports on the supply. I guess they expect it to be firing a larger video card and not a bunch of drives.
  13. Very slick system! Yes, this is my first 6.x exposure. I realized my 1150/1151 error in time to stop the first CPU shipment and instead get a 1271v3. The system went together smoothly. I see why people like these cases. Not inexpensive at all: $240 mb, $340 Haswell Xeon, $124 16GB (2x8) ECC RAM, 240GB cache SSD, plus spinners. But it's so much nicer than my previous budget builds! Rebuilding parity at 140-150MB/sec. Slightly warm on parity drive. I'll bump up the front fan speed. Wonderful selection of fan connectors and control on this board. -ASRock E3C224D4I-14S MB, Intel Xeon 1271v3, 2x8GB low profile ECC, 240GB cache, WD Black 5TB parity, other spinners, in a Lian Li Q25B
  14. Looking forward to this build. It's been awhile.
  15. Those are pretty different power supplies, no? I'd be surprised if the pcb weren't different as well as caps, etc. Someone who knows ps testing can chime in but I'd think the specs are just what fell out of testing while performing against their limits, including noise levels. They call both fans "silent" but I only see a dba rating for the 80mm. Or I could be completely wrong.